Ready To Learn How To Get High Without Drugs?

Imagine: you are sitting in your room, enjoying the kind of brilliant, cosmic high that other people pay good money for - but it costs you nothing, you can turn it off at any time, and not only is it harmless, it actually strengthens and improves your health!

And what's more - you feel free to enjoy this crazy experience every single day. Why? Because you know you will never have to suffer through another nasty come-down again!

Sound like bullshit?

Well it's not, it's truth, and you can make it a part of your reality today.

I've spent over 10 years refining this enjoyable, easy-to-learn "natural high" system and now I am finally ready to share this information with you. Introducing..

Psychedelic Meditation: How To Get An Awesome Cosmic High Without Drugs

Last night I spent forty minutes meditating before I went to bed.

The first twenty minutes were as close to being like hard work as sitting in a chair doing nothing can be.

how to get high without weed

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Between minutes twenty and thirty I felt very happy, contented and at peace with the world.

I spent the last ten minutes of my meditation watching the roof of my house lift off to reveal a brilliant, starry sky. A brightly coloured UFO was descending towards me. I was beamed up and carried through space to the planet Noronge, where I was unceremoniously ejected. Thankfully, I had a soft landing and was soon floating on a lazy, purple ocean, my face to the sky. The sun was shining and warm and apparently upside down and in the water next to me was an ostrich. He was wearing a raspberry-flavoured tuxedo, which he assured me (in flawless Italian) was waterproof. He offered me a martini and began reciting poetry. He read it out backwards because, he said, looking at me out the corner of his ear, it smelt better that way. I had to agree...

I could go on but let me just confirm that I absolutely, positively did not take any kind of drug whatsoever that day besides my morning coffee.

Get my drift?

The Problem with Drugs

I am pretty open to admitting that I have sampled my fair share of drugs over the years - and why? Because getting high is awesome.

Please note: I didn't say drugs are awesome, I said getting high is awesome.

The problem is that drugs actually suck.

Half the time they don't work as well as you'd like and, in my experience there are almost always downsides to the bargain:

I could go on and on, but then I'd have to think too hard ... Oh yeah, it is very possible that my short attention span could be another side effect of my drug taking days...


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You can download this e-book for only USD$2.99 - I KNOW it will rock your world!

Please note the book is available exlcusively through Amazon. This link is for (USA), please search your own country version of Amazon to purchase if necessary.

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how to get high without drugs

Consequences, Consequences, Consequences

When we're young most of us don't really care about the negative ramifications of drug use. Then when we get a little bit older some of us do start to care. Then some of that group stop or drastically cut down, and others keep going strong to (eventually) devastating consequences.

And then the other problem is that sometimes drugs just stop working for you.

These days, for me, even the occasional smoke gets me nowhere. None of it really turns me on anymore. So I pretty much just say no when the joint goes around, and every now and then, maybe when I've had a couple of beers, I say yes and then remember why I usually say no.

The thrill has plain gone, so all I'm left with are the negative health ramifications. 

And that sucks.


Because I love getting high - it's fun.

Well, the good news is I have an excellent way to get an amazing Cosmic High and I am happy to share this with you now.

Who Wrote This Book Anyway?

Me! My name is Seamus Anthony, I am a musician & writer from Melbourne, Australia and I wrote this book a couple of years ago and put it online. I've sold a bunch, it's been downloaded well over 6000 times and plenty of people have told me how it has helped them greatly. AND because, in May 2016, I moved the book over to Amazon (instead of a PDf download), you can now get the book 70% cheaper! But FOR A LIMITED TIME as I may experiment with pushing the price up again soon, so be quick.

Download the Psychedelic Meditation E-Book Now

You can download this e-book for only USD$2.99 - I KNOW it will rock your world!

Please note the book is available exlcusively through Amazon. This link is for (USA), please search your own country version of Amazon to purchase if necessary.

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Only $2.99

how to get high without drugs

Have Fun Without Screwing Up Your Life

Give Psychedelic Meditation a go and experience out-there, healthy, natural Cosmic Highs like I have been since the late '90s.

These highs are comparable to the high you would want when you take drugs, (should you be silly enough to do so). We're talking:

And yes, I do tend to get a lot of cool visualizations if I keep my eyes closed, and with my eyes open I get that kind of hyper-awareness that drugs are renowned for. You know, like the time you were rolling around in the grass and everything just looked and felt and smelt so, like, totally amazing?

No Come-Downs Ever Again
The other good news is that you don't get all the shitty parts of taking drugs, or at least I never have.
I've never had any paranoia, nausea, anxiousness, headaches, 'brain fog', jaw-aches, or vomiting. No chewing your lip half off. No waking up in the morning with a head that won't stop going BZZZZZZZ, next to somebody you barely know (and are actually not that attracted to after all). And no wondering how you're going to find some money to pay for your next hit.

But what is Psychedelic Meditation?

Psychedelic Meditation is a very simple but genuinely effective meditation technique.

It is based on a synthesis of ancient and contemporary meditation techniques, but I have spent 10 years cutting through all of the unnecessary stuff - the gods, the gurus and the gimmicks - to bring you a straight forward meditation style that's low on BS and extremely effective in terms of delivering the benefits that you desire - which in this case means getting a wonderful, clear, exhilarating high.

Here's What You Get When You Download The Psychedelic Meditation E-Book

psychedelic meditation A Foundation Course To Prepare Your For Your Cosmic Trip - Meditation Basics For Those New To the Art
get high meditation The One and Only Breathing Skill You Will Ever Need To Meditate Effectively
how to get high without drugs A Detailed Explanation of the Two Body Skills of Psychedelic Meditation
A Detailed Explanation of the Four Mind Skills of Psychedelic Meditation
A Dynamic Investigation That Smashes Some of The Biggest Myths Surrounding Meditation
Hints and Tips To Help You Get Through Common Roadblocks to Effective Meditation
My unique Tri-Focal Meditation Technique - a way to meditate that makes it so easy that even those with the busiest minds find they can finally break through and meditate properly
The One Negative Side Effect of Meditation that the Gurus Don't Want You to Know ... And What To Do About It.
The Single Greatest Secret to Happiness in this Life - you'll see how this relates to getting high without drugs when you read it.
Several Colourful Descriptions of Trippy Psychedelic Meditation Sessions of My Own (to encourage you to "break on through to the other side")
A Guided Meditation For Those Who Need a Bit of Extra Help

"But This is All Wrong; My Teacher said Meditation isn't about Tripping Out, it's about..."

There is a traditional view that the high feelings that meditation can bring on are not the valid or 'real' reason to meditate, and to an extent this is true in that there are deeper, more meaningful reasons to mediate than just to trip out.

The traditional Eastern teachings are full of admonishments not to get distracted by the "Chi Scenery" (Chi means Energy or Life Force), and if you were meditating for a higher purpose than just feeling good, then this would be a valid argument.
However, having said that, why shouldn't you meditate to get high when it feels so good and is:

The answer is there is no reason that you shouldn't practice Psychedelic Meditation to get high. If somebody questions you on this, just scoff and say "I am a Rebel Zen Master - I make up my own rules".

Other Benefits of Meditating

There are many other benefits to practicing Psychedelic Meditation; here are just some of them:

A Word Of Caution Before You Download the Psychedelic Meditation E-Book

The information and techniques presented in this book are the real deal. I have become a master of the Cosmic High only by working hard at it for 10 years, and while this means that you will quickly benefit from all my years of experimenting - you will still need to be prepared to apply yourself to the task of getting an incredible natural high.

It might happen really quickly for you - or you may need to practice for some time before you really and honestly do experience the kind of amazing Cosmic Highs that I enjoy on regular basis. I just wanted to tell you this now so you don't get disappointed when Psychedelic Meditation doesn't turn out to be as easy as popping a pill.

But here's the cool thing, if you do buy the book and give Psychedelic Meditation a go, you can email me to ask me questions any time. In return all I ask is that you give the book an honest review on Amazon. Since 2008 I sold this book purely as a PDF download through this website (not on Amazon), but in May 2016 I uploaded a new revised edition to Amazon which is why there are no reviews there (yet!). However, rest assured, over 6000 people have downloaded this ebook in the 8 years since I wrote & published the first edition.

ANYWAY - What are you waiting for? Spend $2.99 now - get high forever - the healthy way...

Download the Psychedelic Meditation E-Book Now

You can download this e-book for only USD$2.99 - I KNOW it will rock your world!

Please note the book is available exlcusively through Amazon. This link is for (USA), please search your own country version of Amazon to purchase if necessary.

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Only $2.99

how to get high without drugs